Swimming Pool Waterfall Kits, Grottos, Fountains for swimming pools, gardens.

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Pool Waterfall Kit Supply
Swimming pool rock waterfalls and fountains add value to your home. Swimming pool rock waterfalls and fountains add beautiful scenery. Swimming pool water features are enjoyed by the whole family. Swimming pools deserve to have the addition of a luxurious rock waterfalls and fountains. Your swimming pool / patio / yard can have one, too! Beautify your swimming pool easily with a rock waterfalls and fountains.
Pool waterfall.

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Pool waterfall.



Pool waterfall.
USA Swimming pool rock waterfalls, grottos, caves, and fountains.
Swimming pool rock waterfalls, grottos, caves, and fountains.
Pool waterfall.
Swimming pool rock waterfalls, grottos, caves, and fountains.

Pool Waterfall Kit $1295 (Delivered in 48 state USA!)

Pool Waterfall Kit

WITH the 2 side rocks in place, the waterfall kit is 28”High x 107”Wide x 38”Deep.
There is a minor variance due to the hand crafted nature of this product. Your waterfall will look just like the one in the photo, but it can vary about 1/2” from the dimensions. Colors vary slightly also due to the use of real rock chunks on the exterior finish. Safe for use on any pool, including salt water.
Our product will not leak. Winterproof!

Maldives Waterfall Color


ORDER NOW! Your rock waterfall kit will arrive in about 2 weeks.
The trucking company will call the day before delivery to make sure that you’re home and set the delivery time. Afterward, simply unwrap the waterfall, carry the parts to the pool area and install. The waterfall itself weighs about 80 pounds with each side rock weighing around 20 pounds.


EASY INSTALLATION! Click on the link (below) to read and print out your own instructions. A visit to the hardware store for some PVC pipe, PVC cement, inline valve, and a few concrete screws is about all you’ll need. If you don’t want to install it, a pool contractor or handyman can do it quite easily.

Pool Waterfall Kit Installation

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