Grotto Waterfall DIY Kits for Swimming Pool Rocks, Grottos, Fountains for gardens.

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Pool waterfall kit
Pool waterfall Rock Waterfall Kit
Pool waterfall DIY
Made in USA Swimming pool rock waterfalls, grottos, caves, and fountains.
Pool waterfall diy for pool
Swimming pool rock waterfalls, grottos, caves, and fountains.

Swimming Pool Rock Waterfalls Grottos Kits DIY

Easy installation. Super-Strong, yet light. Never needs painting or sealing... FREE SHIPPING.

Swimming Pool Rock Waterfall Kit

Americana Swimming Pool Waterfall™

This swimming pool waterfall comprises over 90% of our sales.
28”High x 107”Wide x 38”Deep.

Swimming Pool Rock Grotto Waterfalls
Mansion Grotto™ Swimming Pool Waterfall

Mansion Grotto™ Click image to see more pictures.

A Fresh Design... Live Like a Millionaire!
Waterfall Dimensions:
4’ High x 8’ Wide x 6’ Deep
Each side rock is approx. 2.5’ High x 3.5’ Wide x 2.5’ Deep.

We no longer carry this entire product line, as pictured. It is a good quality product. Please contact to inquire about purchasing.

ORDER NOW! Your rock waterfall kit will arrive in about 8 weeks.
The trucking company will call the day before delivery to make sure that you’re home and set the delivery time. Afterward, simply unwrap the waterfall, carry the parts to the pool area and install.

EASY INSTALLATION! Click on the link (below) to read and print out your own instructions. A visit to the hardware store for some PVC pipe, PVC cement, inline valve, and a few concrete screws is about all you’ll need. If you don’t want to install it, a pool contractor or handyman can do it quite easily.

Pool Waterfall Kit Installation

You are welcome to give us a call, but PLEASE, read our FAQ first:

Other DIY Rock Waterfall Kit Styles below

All Waterfalls are sets that include the side rocks (except Caverna and Mansion Grottoes & SunDance).


Caverna Grotto Waterfall Kit

Caverna Grotto Waterfall™

Aurora Swimming Pool Rock Waterfall kit

Aurora Swimming Pool Waterfall™



Cascadia Swimming Pool Waterfall kit

Cascadia Swimming Pool Waterfall™

Canyon Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit

Canyon Swimming Pool Waterfall™

Cody Swimming Pool Rock Waterfall Kit

Cody Swimming Pool Waterfall™

Canoa Swimming Pool Waterfall

Canoa Swimming Pool Waterfall™

Rincon Pool Waterfall Kit

Rincon Swimming Pool Waterfall™

SunDance Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit

SunDance Swimming Pool Waterfall™

Cheyenne Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit

Cheyenne Swimming Pool Waterfall™




Please, read our simple FAQ to find answers to most questions.

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Rock Waterfalls, Fountains, Grottos & Water Features for Patio, Backyard, Garden, Landscapes & Corporate Lobby / Waiting Areas.

**Sizes are APPROXIMATE and can be smaller by a few inches due to the hand crafted nature of the manufacturing process. 2” of space is used between each side rock and the waterfall in the middle.

Further information about GR8 MFG LLC rock boulders, fountains, and waterfalls for swimming pool or pond:

You do not need to go to a rock school or seminar (seminars), and you don't need to take any class or classes for training to be able to install our swimming pool rock waterfalls. Our polyurethane (polyurea) rock waterfalls and fountains are incredibly tough and and are easier to maintain than fiberglass versions. Light and incredibly strong, they are easy to install, and much safer for your pool than GFRC.

Add value to your home. Add beautiful scenery. Swimming pool water features are enjoyed by the whole family. Swimming pools deserve to have the addition of a luxurious rock waterfall. Your swimming pool can have one, too! Beautify your swimming pool easily with a rock waterfall from GR8 MFG LLC! Swimming pool waterfalls increase the value of your home. GR8 Holdings LLC waterfalls are easy to install and maintain. Waterfalls made by our vendors are lightweight, yet are incredibly strong! Our waterfalls look and feel like the real thing... natural! Swimming pools aren't complete without a rock waterfall. The kinds of rock replications that we can make are almost unlimited. We can help you set up the ultimate poolscape. We can also help you to be creative with your pondscape. GFRC and foam rock products don't install as easily. GFRC stands for Gypsum Fiberglass Reinforced Concrete. Foam rocks are usually made using polyurea (polyurethane resins and foams).

There are so many ways to describe our swimming pool rock formations products. If you're looking for rock products that could be described as modular, artificial, structural, faux, simulated, fake, ledge, ledger, constructed, replica, casting, reproduction, pre-cast, precast, pre-fabricated, prefabricated, pre-fab, pre-fabbed, fabricated, plastic, do it yourself ( diy ), replications, crafted, pool side waterfalls ( PSWF ), landscape, landscaping, decorative, creations, cast, casting, imitation, custom, fire, flame, sculpted, synthetic, byo, and build-your-own, you've come to the right place!

Our swimming pool waterfall and rock products are easy-to-install kits... they are pre-fabricated and simply need to be installed. Purchase your own PVC pipe at any local hardware store.

Some of our rock products have a weir or scupper. Our swimming pool waterfalls are safe to use with koi fish and water garden plants.

We strive for using the highest quality materials that can be bought. Our rock products are incredibly tough, made with a polyurea. So tough, they can be hit with a baseball bat and still function well. Real rock particles are molded into the outer surface for incredible realism and durability. Some are smooth, some are rough. We're on a quest to make the best waterfalls in the world!

Improve your image... it's so easy to create an oasis in your own home! Our swimming pool rock waterfalls make a big splash with folks who want to beautify their swimming pool, pond or garden. The attraction to them is universal. The environmental aesthetics can be stunning. You can create some grand effects with our composite waterfall rock products! The artistic interpretation of the waterways that travel across our waterfalls' surfaces creates the best sights and sounds of any on the market. Our swimming pool rock waterfalls come as close to nature as you can get. There are no resounding echoes that come from our hollow swimming pool waterfalls when water runs over the surface.

Our model names: Maldives / Americana Swimming Pool Waterfall™; Tahitian / Aurora Swimming Pool Waterfall™; Serenity / Cascadia Swimming Pool Waterfall™; Oasis / Canyon Swimming Pool Waterfall™; Somerset / Cody Swimming Pool Waterfall™; Tropicana / Canoa Swimming Pool Waterfall™; UniGrotto / Caverna Grotto Waterfall™; Cascades / Rincon Swimming Pool Waterfall™; Spirit Falls / SunDance Swimming Pool Waterfall™; and Beach Comber / Cheyenne Swimming Pool Waterfall™.

Jeff was featured on HGTV in June, 2006, during the 'I Want That!' show and the ‘Outdoor Living Expo 2007’. Jeff has exhibited at national and regional trade shows which include those supported by the APSP ( formerly NSPI ); a swimming pool industry trade show, the FPSA ; a swimming pool industry trade show, the Western Show ; a swimming pool industry trade show, the AQUA Show ; a swimming pool industry trade show, and the International Pool and Spa Expo ( IPSE ) ; also a swimming pool industry trade show.

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Swimming pool rock waterfalls, grottos, caves, and fountains.

Click to see Stuart do a quick patio pond installation.

Waterfall installation instructions... EASY!
Click here for pdf file.

At the top of these instructions, a typo says to use a 1/2” supply line... it should say 1 1/2”.

Click to see our FAQ. This has answers to commonly asked questions.

Swimming pool rock waterfalls, grottos, caves, and fountains.

Get your rock swimming pool waterfall from GR8 MFG LLC.

Our Super-Light, Super-Strong rock waterfalls are pool-safe and cannot crack the wall of your swimming pool like heavy real-rock and concrete-rock waterfalls have been known to do. Sizes vary slightly.

Grotto rock waterfall



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