Grotto Waterfall DIY Kits for Swimming Pool Rocks, Grottos, Fountains for gardens.

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Pool waterfall Rock Waterfall Kit
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Made in USA Swimming pool rock waterfalls, grottos, caves, and fountains. Swimming pool rock waterfalls, grottos, caves, and fountains.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please, scroll down to peruse the frequently asked questions and answers to see if you can find your answer.

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Q: How do I order?

A: We do not use online shopping carts. Give us a call to order over the phone with a credit card. Of course, you can mail a check, but credit cards may be easier and faster for you. We accept all major credit cards. Call us at: (520) 303-6789. We typically answer the phone during regular business hours AND evenings and weekends. If you get no answer, it is better to send an email with your message, rather than leave a voice message.


Q: How are the the faux rock products shipped?

A: Larger items ship via tractor trailer. They are on a pallet and can be lowered to the ground by two people. Our delivered price does NOT include a lift-gate and is typically not needed. We can arrange a lift-gate delivery for $100 additional. Smaller products like small fountains and boulder orders may ship via Federal Express Ground.


Q: How long will it take to receive my water feature?

A: We manufacture to order, just for you. During off-peak times it may take 1 1/2 to 2 weeks to produce, plus the shipping time (via LTL truck). During the peak season (April - August) it may take 2-3 weeks longer due to larger volumes of orders received into our system.


Q: Will a swimming pool rock waterfall fit against a straight wall or a curved wall?

A: Our rock waterfalls are designed to be trimmed so that they fit snugly against the coping area of your swimming pool (area where deck turns downward into the water). The part of the rock that goes downward into the water is already shaped for folks that have straight walls. If you want it to fit against a curved wall better, simply trim some extra material off the back side of the left and right areas where the rock goes down into the water. Typically, you would trim some off (like an inch) on the left, tapering to zero in the center, doing the same on the right side. It is fairly simple to do using a trimming tool, like a reciprocating saw with a fine to medium toothed straight saw blade.


Q: How much do the water features weigh?

A: They are incredibly tough AND lightweight, typically weighing anywhere from 40-80 pounds depending upon style. 


Q: Do you offer customer referrals? Where can I see one prior to ordering?

A: We do not offer customer referrals and would never ask you to allow someone in your town to stop by and see your unit at your home. Most online written referrals are fake... we just don’t do that. No units are available to be seen. There is no showroom. These rock products are custom crafted for you and used in homes. Most garden centers and swimming pool dealers lack inventory which is very expensive and difficult to maintain in a tough economy. You may choose from the items on our website based upon the photographs. The photographs that you see online are the only ones available.


Q: What if I change my mind and want to return the product?

A: We do not accept returns. We custom make the item just for you. We are not Wal-Mart!  =)


Q: Will the swimming pool waterfall fit any shape of swimming pool, curved or straight?

A: Our line of waterfalls are designed to be easily trimmed/cut using carving tools or a utility knife. This allows you to fit it snugly against the coping area (where the deck turns downward toward the water) of any pool whether it is straight or curved.


Q: What is the material?

A: The outer surface of the rock product is actually made of real rock chunks and particles that are held in place by a backing of urethane resin (the same material that modern car bumpers are made from). That is backed up with urethane foam for rigidity. This construction technique allows for years of durable performance in all climates. During cold winters, simply make sure that water does not collect in the water supply pipe. The product is designed to resist chemical exposure.


Q: What kind of warranty exists? Will the faux rock products change color in the Sun?

A: We have a 2 year manufacturer's defect warranty. What that means is that we'll replace your unit if a defect is found that occurred during the manufacturing process that affects the unit’s proper function. That could mean something like a screwdriver, etc., being molded into place with the craftsmen not noticing (that's never happened before!). We've never had a manufacturer's defect occur. Our units are water leak tested prior to shipment. If a unit were to have a minor leak at the water supply fitting, you may need to tighten the water supply line and/or seal with silicone. Everything changes color slightly with exposure to the sun, including $2 billion military vehicles. Your sub-$5,000 water feature will change color, too, but it should be slight. Color change is not covered under warranty. Abuse is not covered by warranty. Use is not covered by warranty. Ability to receive a replacement unit is at our sole discretion. We may be able to correct any issue with a simple repair kit, etc.


Q: Will the chemicals in my swimming pool, regardless of type, hurt my new waterfall?

A: The rock waterfall is resistant to all chemicals used in the swimming pool industry. If you have a minimal build up of calcium after long term use, you can remove it with a mixture of 50% water and 50% CLR (calcium lime remover) and a natural, soft-bristle brush. Rinse afterward water. Follow CLR manufacturer’s instructions.


Q: How does water supply tubing connect to a swimming pool waterfall?

A: The water features for swimming pools use a 1 1/2" female slip fit fitting at the top. It can be accessed from the underneath. You can glue in an extension pipe and hose clamp to that (recommended when using flexible spa hose) or glue directly into the fitting (recommended for rigid PVC and not recommended for flexible spa hose). After your waterfall arrives, study and measure the fitting. Plan out how to get the water source, typically from your existing pool pump, to your waterfall and buy your supplies at a local hardware store. If you have never used PVC pipe and glue previously, your local hardware store can advise you.


Q: What type of water supply tubing should I use for a swimming pool waterfall and what size?

A: For our own personal installations we have used 1 1/2" flexible spa hose from Home Depot. This can be combined with sections of rigid PVC depending on what type of installation you need to perform. We use a valve in-line to be able to turn on/off the waterfall’s water supply.


Q: What kind of maintenance is required for the faux rock products?

A: Typically, no maintenance is required. If you decide to remove a calcium/mineral build up after much use, a mixture of CLR Calcium Lime Remover and water 50/50 manipulated with a natural soft bristle brush can remove most of it without damaging the natural rock surface. It is always advisable to test in a small area prior to general application.


Q: Will your rock products serve as a jumping platform, like a ‘diving rock’?

A: Typically, our faux rock products can support some weight due to the nature of their construction, but they are only intended to be used for ‘visual beautification’. We will NEVER advocate the use of our products as a jumping or diving platform. We do not want and will not accept that liability. If, for some reason NOT having to do with a human using our products to jump from, stand on, or sit on, you need to have a heavier duty version of one of our products you can specify that you want the product to be heavy duty. The cost will be a flat 30% extra. We will not warranty any particular weight capability and will NOT declare that any extra product capabilities exist. Heavy duty simply means that you want MORE material used in the construction of the product.


Q: Are small sections of the product available to be sent as a sample?

A: No samples are available. Sampling programs are not cost efficient for expensive items. We do have a very small boulder at about the size of your palm and a few inches high that we can sell for $25. Afterward, if you make a purchase over $1500 we will credit the $25 back to you, in effect, giving you the mini-boulder as a gift.  =) You will need to remind us of the $25 credit DURING your purchase to get the credit; if you remind us afterward, there will be no credit... it is too much hassle and we have a billion other things to do. Whether you are a home owner, swimming pool contractor, or Las Vegas casino owner... THERE ARE NO SAMPLES AVAILABLE.


“I have personally sculpted, molded, and manufactured simulated rock products for decades. Along with being a manufacturer, I distribute other products internationally. This product line is by far the easiest and most hassle-free to market. It is quickly made, carefully packed, and enjoyed by clients for years. This is great stuff!”

- Jeff, Managing Member


Impact of Earth tremors upon GFRC rocks.

Everywhere on our planet, everyday, there are minor tremors which go mostly unfelt my humans. They do happen, though! Our rock products are EARTHQUAKE-TOUGH!

Concrete (GFRC and FRC) and natural rock waterfalls crack and leak easily during small daily earthquakes. Our rock products have no problems handling this natural phenomenon. due to their slightly flexible nature.

The image to the left shows average earthquake activity for a single week in California and Nevada.

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